Summer is comming ! ☼

We finally have the sun and the heat in Central Europe !! We really wait for that !!
Therefore, I work a lot this time. It's great :)

I love myself ~ don't care about your judgement
Concerning the secret in GS :
I don't care about haters !
I assume my head. And I know what I'm worth!
people support me, and I thank them! To all of you: Thank you!
Thank you for the GGA, thank you for your comments and kind words, and keep you and make the best!

I think there are too many haters in the "community"! It has become a contest of popularity and a set of rules of private account ... Pathetic!
Seriously, Gyaru is, for me, "Fun, Wild & Sexy" ~ and not "Hate & Sh*t!"

Calm yourself people!

Here is a diary of my upcoming trips & events:
5 - 10th july :  Paris (France)
6th July : Meeting GGFrance - Paris
23 -28th July : Paléo Festival Nyon (Switzerland)
August : Tokyo (Japan)  delivered next year
28 & 29th September : Barcelona (Spain)
28th September : Gaijin Fest Barcelona (Spain)
End of 2013 : London (England)
Summer 2014 : Tokyo (Japan)

Thursday, I was in town with Nadège <3 I wanted to buy some clothes for the summer. But nothing to do ... I found nothing great.
But I'm glad; I bought a pair of sunglasses so high!  Love it ~



We received our order of the circle. I have my new lenses I will do a little review soon.

I also ordered successful the shoes I wanted for several months (yes, I suck with online shopping).
I receive at the end of the month.

I also ordered several jewelry (especially piercing), thank you Holly.

About our circle : Sweet Revenge ~
We changed the logo ! 

(due to unique identity)
I also take care of the blog now ~ which I remade the design.

Sooo ~
Thanks to read me  :)
And if you want to talk me, contact with Facebook !
I'm friendly  ☺

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