Birthday ~ 22yo but forever young

Today, I'm a little older than yesterday ~
The 14th June; it's my Birthday !!  I'm now 22 years old 

Saturday, June 15, after a small private meetup with Sweet Revenge, I celebrated my birthday. I organized a barbecue with lots of friends for a great party open-air.

Friends, sun, heat, Meat, Alcohol and Fun!
Not need any more ~
It was very nice ! I received some gifts from girls of Sweet Revenge and close friends. Thanks guy' =D

Up: Me & Keith
Right: Me & Nadège (with a nice handmade hairstyle)

Left: Holly
Up: Nanou

Kitsune, Me, Masami & Nadège

Eat my chicken !!!  <3
Me & Taku
Solène & Me
Smoking is too bad..  But chicha (shisha) occasionally is so good~

Quentin & Me

It was nice, there was the world, I'm amused me: I 'm very happy!
Impatiently I wait for other parties this summer!

Just... for Fun !!  xD

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