Buy to be happy ! キタ

Since I decided not to leave for Tokyo this summer, I can finally do some shopping ~ and trips.

Firstly, I reserved my hostel for my 5 days trip to Paris (5th - 10th of July). I can not wait to see again my french friends, go to the Gaijin Gyaru France Meeting, the Tokyo2Seoul 's Party and to the Japan Expo to see the Nightmare's show !

And then, I ordered my shoes (I want it from 3 months ago). I received it last week and I'm very happy from it. Although they are a little larger than expected.
But I must conced : shipping costs + customs clearance => shoes are expensive.
Rakuten isn't a cheap place !

I received too my order form Crazy Factory. So happy from the piercing and my plug. I ordered lips tatoo, just for try it.

My men's boots with white leo soft-headed doh
My order from Crazy Factory & My circle lens (Review soon)

And finally, this month, I bought some clothes and accessories
I waited so much for the summer; that I bought several t-shirts. And I confess that I have a lot. But as they say, we never have enough clothes.
And I could say the same for bags and jewelry. I'm a bit superficial and be well coordinated is very important to me.    ヾ(@°▽°@)ノヾ  

T-shirt with funny cat (Bershka) // T-shirt with tattoed's arms (Yendi - Men)
Two fashion T-shirts  (Metro boutique - Men)

New spiked bag  (Accessorie's)

Jewerlies *--*  My addiction

So, I calm down. Because I'm a little excited ~
If I buy anything; I'm so happy, and for good mood for the rest of the day.

Okay, just one more picture for my birthday's presents from my friends Thank you ! I say not enough how my friends are important to me(⌒ε⌒*) 

My presents ~  Thanks' 

4 commentaires:

  1. Your presents look awesome!!

    Hope you had a happy birthday.

    1. Yes, I'm lucky to have very great friends ! =D

      I had it ! Thank you <3

  2. Nice buys! I would wear most of them myself :D Happy belated birthday then :)

    *Wonderland gone mad*

    1. Yeah ~ It's so classy *,*
      Thank you beautiful girl ♥