Spring ~ Meeting & New purchases

It's been long time that I haven't rewritten. Sorry ~
A lot of activities and work ^_^"
Spring is here !! Finally ☼ 
I wait impatiently the warm temperatures. I need wear short & soft ouftit ~
I need Sun, Barbecue & Summer's Party !And I just want to stop with pollen... I'm allergic.  T--T' 
This is why I don't wear my circle lenses more often..
Hooo, and the next month is my Birthday ! Yeeaah ~


=>> I make a short resume about activities of this month :

Meeting 04 May 2013
We went to the mc'donald, and then to the bubble tea. At last, we decided to drink a little bit alcohol ~ We went play with tree flowers and had fun  
And the evening, we went to a bar to drink with friends ~

 Fun, Fun, Fun ~

Official mascot of Sweet Revenge

Our new little member in Sweet Revenge : Sweetie Blondie. Sweetie because she's really cute, and Blondie because... She's definitely really Stupid. But we love it. [holly's blog]

Sweetie Blondie ~ Yum'

Meeting 18 May 2013
We went to the bubble tea. Yeah, it's a great habit.
After, girls go shopping and me; I went to work ~ Haha ^^'
Short meeting, but always happy to see the girls.

Last Purchases
I'm a shopping addict. But now I'm saving for my future travel and shopping planned

skull ring with blue gems, and two bracelets

white leo shirt
leo Backpack

Others :

Bye bye ~ 

4 commentaires:

  1. Oooooh Sweetie Blondie is so cuteeeeee!!! x)
    I like leopard stuff, good choice! ;D

    1. Yes ! She is !! *__*

      Thank You ~ It's long time I need a backpack and the new colletion of "New Look" is very nice :D

  2. Oh I love your hair!! I had a hamster when I was younger, so cute nomming on food:) hihi love your blog:)