For years, I have been into Visual-Kei fashion, and during 2010 my interest towards gyaru and gyaru-o slowly started growing, but I researched my self-style, and I was very (too) androgynous for a period...  I was also in a while Cyber's style...(°ο°)~ ര   But it's over!
━(→ܫ←)━  I really started this style in 2011 !

I still don't see myself as a perfect gyaru-o, I still have a lot to improve on. I'm maybe too perfectionist ?
But I will still and always get better !!   (´◠ω◠`)  

My improvement in the style  ~

I chose a picture per month, and I will update this regularly.
Forgive me if updates are late.

Last update : #January 2014

5 commentaires:

  1. You're so hot specially in August 2011!
    Mee too I wanna keep improving 'til the end!!! ;)

    1. Thank you ! =)
      I planning make soon plated braids again ~ like August 11.

  2. Hello you had a lot of hairstyle, all so stylish! :) Could you give me the name of the colour used in the picture for july 2011? :D i will pass to the hairdresser in a while so :D (if you have the name in french don't hesitate O:) ) thanks and continu you great blog , see ya !

    1. Thanks <3
      In July 2011, it's just a half haircolor: blond & chocolate brown. It's my hairdresser made this ~

    2. Thank you :)your hairdresser is talented ><