Paris ~ & Gaijin Gyaru Meeting


Last week, I made a trip to Paris
(France) with Holly & Nadège. Our friendship in the circle is very important. For enjoy events, sales in stores and to see friends.

Saturday 6th of July,  
we went to a big meeting in Paris.
had a great time and met some great people. It was a very sunny and hot day.

Next time, I hope we will be many more! But mostly, there will be more guys! Move your ass gyaruo !! ~

A great day with a lot of girls ♥ A boy's dream  xD

Swiss in Paris ~  Me, Nadège & Daiana

Nadège & Me

Sweet Revenge :  Nadège, Ethan & Holly

Crazy picture ~  Ayyyhtz'

A huge thank you to the organizers of the GGFrance Meeting !
As the director and editors Gals Gals Revolution !

Also thank you to Rose for many photos.
And all these girls who sometimes traveled a long way to be there.
It was really great!

And in the evening, I went to the party "Tokyo2Seoul", an evening with Japanese, Korean and dubstep music, including guests such as Dj Sisen. All members of Sweet Revenge were present and despite of a choice of music not enough fun, it was a really good night.
 (I don't have any picture.. sorry  :/ )

A Gal Unit in France was created :  【Diamant Rose】GAL UNIT 
And the WEBSHOP "DIAMANT ROSE" is coming (only products form 109 in Shibuya) !
It's a great idea and I support this and hope that it will live long time.

Sunday 7th of July,  
Normaly, I went to the Japan Expo. But I returned to the hostel with Nadège at 7am, and we didn't want to stress us to wake up.
So we decided to stay at hostel and make the tourists in the afternoon. We went to see Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower and through the city. We buy a lot of food in an asian store ~ Haha
And in the evening
, we went to eat
in a Japanese restaurant with Holly and Yann.

Tourists, 100% ~  xD

Monday 8th of July,  
Monday, Holly came back to Switzerland. And in the afternoon I went shopping with Nadège to the Halles and Châtelet (Paris). I really wanted a new pants. And guess what; I bought three! xD

left: Nadege's purchases, and right: my purchases

Tuesday 9th of July,  
It was the turn of Nadège return to Switzerland. I stayed another day and I could see my beloved! Ouddara, Esther, Eva & Laure
And I buyed a new scarf with flowers print. 

Wednesday10th of July,  

return early in the morning ... too sad T_T
Strongly in September to return.

 See you soon Paris


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  1. Reviens nous vite copaiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ~

    Bevy ;p

    1. Oui, en Septembre si t'es par là !
      Sinon prochains évents j'ferai au mieux pour bouger <3

  2. Nice pics ! J'espère te rencontrer à la Tokyo Crazy Kawaii si tu y vas même si je t'ai déjà vu de loin à la J.E.

    1. Bien sûr !! Attend, le peu de mec qu'il y a j'veux mieux les connaître ~ Haha ! ça marche pour la CK =D

  3. Merci pour ton soutien ^.^ !!!!!!!