Gaijin Gyaru Awards NOMINEES 2013 ~

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2013's nominations are unveiled !
My Circle and I are among, and it would be great if you could vote for! : D

You can vote with this link : VOTE

Please, check this:

  • NEWCOMER - Most Improved - Nedge (it's Nadège)
  • NEWCOMER - Best Style - Nedge (it's Nadège)
  • GYARUOH - Best Clothes -Ethan ( Ethan Tryce)
  • CIRCLE - Current Most Stylish - Sweet Revenge
  • SUBSTYLE - Best Rock Gyaru - Holly

You can too support:
  • HAIR - Best Use of Accessories - Daiana (Gyarunity - Switzerland)
  • BLOG - Most informational - Gals Gals Revolution (great french blog)
  • CIRCLE - Current Most Devoted - G-Host (male circle from Sweden )

Sweet Revenge ~ For most Stylish Circle

My reaction when I saw the nomination's video:
I'm very very happy! Sweet Revenge was nominated for Most Stylish Circle. That is a big honor. We have been working hard to get where we are today... so thanks...
And really happy for Nadège in Newcomer. She deserves it !! ♥ I'm happy too for my best friend, Holly ! She's gorgeous in Rokku Sub-style.
And I'm shocked, but honored to be nominated. Thank you a lot !
Official video - Gaijin Gyaru Awards NOMINEES 2013!
=> Link for Vote

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