Nadège ~ refinement for MeetUp

Saturday, March 30, Sweet Revenge organized a Gyaru's meetup to Polymanga (Montreux, 2M2C).
For the occasion, I decided to help Nadège to have a perfect look.
I'm inspired by Black Diamond to coordinate an outfit.
We did some shopping with Nadège to find accessories and more, and I worked on the accessories (I love Custom') and especially on nails !

After choosing the colors for the outfit (Black & Gold), I worked on the nails for a total of 4 hours. This is the first time I've worked on really longs nails, and I apply much. => I'm happy with the result.

Some pictures ~
First: filing and color.
Customization ~
Finished !
Fixing nails on Nadège.

I also worked on a large flower for hair and feathers that I set with golden rings. Small pin handmade for Fluffies and loan accessories.
Hair and makeup touch, and she's ready for the Meetup <3

She's happy with the result. But adjustment difficulties ~ xD
picture by Laura G. Photography

=> ~ New post about the meetup come shortly.

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