Polymanga ~ 4 days of Fun

The week-end of Pâques (29 march - 1st April), there was Polymanga. It's a Swiss exhibition about Japan. I went there the 4 days with my friends <3

The 2nd day, our circle Sweet Revenge organized a Gyaru Meet-Up !!This year the event was in Montreux (2M2C). And I must say that the organization has been catastrophic !
Having bought our tickets "gold pass" before, we still waited in the rain before 1:30 to go in the building. In addition, the biggest drawback, there was no changing rooms! ( è.é*)

1st day:
Me & my best Friend Holly decided to wear as a Haady Gyaru !
I wear a pant Co&Lu and a yellow jacket Co&Lu (Thanks to Maryon & Holly).

Me & Holly ~  Funny day ♪

2nd day:
On the second day our Gyaru-sa, Sweet Revenge, organized a Gyaru meet-up !

Holly & Nadège came in my house for the night and we prepared us the morning for the meetup. I helped Nadège for her new look, inspired by Black Diamond Unit, for the accessories, her hair and her makeup. I helped Holly too for hair, but she's gorgeous even without help. ♥
Despite a car problem, we arrived on time.
We reviewed a lot of friends and had a great time. In addition, we announced that Eileen is officially a member of Sweet Revenge ! Congratulation !!!
If you want more informations & pictures about the Meet-up, you can read it on Sweet Revenge's Blog.

 Thank you to Laura for the pictures

Eileen, Nadège, Mikuro, Galily, Inès, Holly, Me & Léa

3rd day:
I had a problem with on eye and my lenses in the end of the second day and my eye was red.. I couldn't wear my circle lens.
I chose a symply ouftit with dark glasses: My baggy Super Lovers and a korean top "STOP killing whale".
I wear my Glasses home-made custom' and my necklace Super Lovers. I had too my big white foxtail.
The look isn't really gyaru-o, but I love it <3 

Me, Holly, Nadège, Eileen & Ming

4th day:
For the last day, I decided to wear my yukata by Xfmr (109 men's). 
Traditional shoes aren't confortables !! >.<
Thanks again to Laura for pictures
Last day at Polymanga
Thank you Laura for pictures

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