Passing, for my feet ~

I think people fall too often the head. So... I wear nice shoes !!

I love shoesAnd one of my favorite brands is "Supra" !
I was looking for shoes for more one month ago  ~  And last week, I was doing my shopping in Neuchâtel and I found a gorgeous pair of Supra's shoes !! And with that, another pair of Voldo.
I also took the opportunity to buy a leather jacket, a vest and new "tube" scarf. 

New Supra ~

New Voldo ~

I love shoes! I lack space for storage todayAnd if I still very beautiful, I'll buy it ~I also a favorite for pairs of Adidas x Jeremy Scott 


A fun music just for this day : here !

Thank to read ~
I'm sorry to the late for update my blog, I have a lot of work ~

And tomorrow I'll go for a few days in France.

If you want chat, I'm more often on Facebook.
See you soon

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