Tokyo Crazy Kawaii ~ Meet Gal Unit [Black Diamond]

Hi ~

You've probably heard; last weekend there was the "Tokyo Crazy Kawaii" in Paris (France).
And as guests; we had the pleasure of having many shops in the Shibuya Tower 109, the great artists (Anna Tsuchiya) and some members of Gal Unit [Black Diamond].

I went with Holly & Eileen.
The other members of our circle "Sweet Revenge" could not come. 

The convention was great. And there were not as many young people "morons" as is found in large conventions.

The shops were great and vendors were nice. The prices were also very affordable. It's just unfortunate that there was no brand for men.
It really made me happy. Although I stayed only two days.   (。´_`)

Sweet Revenge, Gyarunity & Diamant Rose

It is with pleasure that we have seen many of our french friends and the Gal Unit [Diamant Rose].
I met several girls [Black Diamond]! It was truly an honor and a great pleasure, they are very beautiful and nice.
I saw two days the performance in calligraphy and the show for the new song "Avant Gyarude". (It's a very good song ~  Buy & hear it

=> You can find all pictures we took on our page ~

Mayuchibi, Rise & Harutamu
Haru, Eileen, Holly, Rise, Me, Taku & Jessie

Eileen & Me with  [Black Diamond]


[Black Diamond]'s Show
[Black Diamond]'s Show


I could not go empty handed!
So I purchased a pant (sarouel) ACDC RAG, a nice sweater Glad News and the new CD of Black Diamond: [Avant Gyarude] with dedicated to me
They even gave me the official fan of Black Diamond  * ___ * 

My dedicated CD with Harutamu & Rise ♥

My purchases *___*


And surprise; japanese friends have told me after, I spent on a Japanese television in a program on the event on FujiTV. I was interviewed a few times but I did not think I will. That's a lot of luck and honor
Thank you Ru Ru for uploading the video  (*3*) 

Friends & Me on FujiTV   ~

I worked on an outfit inspired by the Host for Saturday ~

About our circle Sweet Revenge ~ We worked over a new page on Facebook. Like it !

You can too follow our blog 。◕‿◕ღ

Sooo ~
Thanks to read me  :)
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