Summary of end of 2013

This has happened a lot since last articles.
Sorry, I have been very busy, especially with my work.

I work now at Lush !
It's an amazing Shop with amazing products ♥

 I'll write a new post about my work and this shop, and the news in my life.

I updated my evolution's page ~And this is a summary about what happened in the middle of Gyaru.

Small summary "gyaruo's life":

- October 5th Birthday Sweet Revenge, 1 year!

Birthday's cakes and pastries.
Let's celebrate the first year

Thank you all for coming to this event. It was a great day!

- November 10: First Meeting Gaijin Gyaru Switzerland in Lausanne.


with Sweet Revenge & GRACE !
A great day, without a lot of picture, sorry.

- End of November: Nadège leaves Sweet Revenge.

 For personal reasons and need to step back, it's with sorrow that we announce the departure of Nadège. She'll not stop the gyaru 
- December 8: Meeting Christmas Sweet Revenge.

A great time with the members of Sweet Revenges and friends.
Giving of gifts, a lot of laught and making pictures ~ 
Thank you for all moment with you !!

mustache !!!

Haha ~  I have not kept my serious.

Look our back !

- And many upcoming projects! Enjoy '

Thank you Guy !
And all wishes for the New Year ~

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