Meeting, News Members & Hair

Hi ~
I do not take enough time for my blog, I am sorry.
I'll quickly summarized what was missing ~

The 4th of September, we had a meeting with Sweet Revenge !

And we announced officially 2 news members of our circle ~
I was promoted to "Co-Leader" of Sweet Revenge  (*w*) Some pictures & Fun ! 
We become more numerous, and we want to continue to share our passion!
 Lots of projects in mind! ~

Masami & Valentin; news members
Sweet Revenge ~  Ethan, Valentin, Nadège, Masami, Holly & Eileen
Two boys ~ Swag !


In late of August, I tested a new haircut.
Personally, I like it. It takes time to do that ~
But it does please apparently not that much ... I don't repeat often it.


I recall that we organize a day to celebrate  a year of existence of our circle with our friends and gaijin gyaru(o) !!
This will be Saturday, the 5th of October in Lausanne.
~>  The Event on Facebook.

We're lucky it was super nice that day
We enjoy to make lots of pictures ~


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