Last Meeting with Sweet Revenge

Hellow guys'  ~

Sunday 4th of August, we had a meeting with Sweet Revenge's members.
Nadège couldn't participate, because she was in Japan (Yes, she's lucky ).
More photos on our Blog, or our FB's page.

Soon, we will be a year of existence.  *( ^▽^ )*

We organize a day to celebrate this event with our friends and gaijin gyaru(o) we appreciate!
This will be Saturday, the 5th of October, and the place is still to be determined.
~>  The Event on Facebook.

We're lucky it was super nice that day
We enjoy to make lots of pictures

For this meeting, I decided to try an Amekaji inspiration. With CO&LU stuff'  =D

I just remind the upcoming events I will be participe:

21 september ~ Tokyo Kawai Crazy - Paris (France)

22 september ~ Meeting Diamant Rose Gal Unit - Paris (France)
28 september ~ Gaijin Fest - Barcelona (Spain) [ Not Sure ]

5 october ~ Sweet Revenge, 1 year - Lausanne (Swiss)
27 october ~ Gaijin Gyaru Suisse, Halloween Party - Lausanne/Geneva (Swiss)

So, I need inspiration and take time to write news posts sometimes. Sorry for the wait  =$ 
Want you to I talk about in a topic or I do something in particular?
The next post comes out soon ~
I talk about my tips for good hair, past small purchases and perhaps a review of my latest lens

Thank you for reading ~
Have a nice day. Chuuuu'

2 commentaires:

  1. Looks like funn and you all look good! Wish i could meet all of the gaijins one day haha :]

    Greets Ley

  2. Thank you Ley !
    It's always a pleasure to meet people, especially gyaru ~